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Uses of food colors & lakes
Today these colours are used in many applications, some of which are listed below:

food colours in toothpaste
Soft drinks & Beverages, Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Deserts, Edible Ices & Confectionery, Decorations & Coatings, Jams & Jellies, Desserts & Dry mixes, Baked Goods, Pickles, Sauces & Seasonings, Canned Products, Toothpaste.

Tioletry colours for shampoos
Meat & Fish products, Sausages, Cheese, Tablets & Capsules, Syrups, Cosmetics, Bath Salts, Hair rinses, Shampoos, Pet Foods, Animal Feeds, Toiletry products, Washing Powders.

Cosmetic colours for nail paints
Soft Toys, Writing Inks, Pesticides, Coated Candies, Chewing Gum, Gum Salts, Summer Coatings, Wafers, Yoghurts, Ice Creams, Lotions, Lipsticks, Eyeliners & Eye shadows, Plastic Film, Snacks Powder, Dry Beverages & Dessert powder, & Spice Compounds.
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