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vanilla flavours
Mol Wt. : 178.23 White Crystalline Powder
Mel. Pt. : 86 deg C

Purity : 98-99% Assay by GC

Solubilities :
10% in Alcohol, 4% in Propylene Glycol, 20% in Benzyl Alcohol,
Sparingly soluble in water, soluble in most perfumes & flavour oils.

Odour :
Instantly Sweet, but Medicinal - Phenolic in dry state.
Sweet odour seems to vanish at lower concentrations.

Vanila like, warm, spicy, pleasant taste.

This product is under G.R.A.S. List. (i.e. Generally Recognised As Safe).
GRAS . FEMA 2922 Council Of Europe No. 170

Uses :
This Guaiacol derivative of the Vanilla family is one of the most successful members of
that group. When used in configuration with Vanillin and Ethyl-Vanillin this material is
capable of supplying an enormous vanilla like power to the flavour composition. The
manufacturer estimates the power to be about 15 to 16 times than that of Vanillin.
This material is used in many types of flavour compositions like Chocolate, Nut, Vanilla,
Butter-Scotch, Rum, Caramel etc. It may also be used as a sweetener in pharma compositions
at very low concentrations.

Propenyl guaethol is used in perfumes as a sweetner or as a replacement for Vanillin, if
there is discoloration problem. By using less propenyl guaethol to achieve the same
Vanilla sweetness, the perfumer can reduce the amount of sensitive Aldehyde group
per weight unit of the perfume, and reduce the risk of discoloration in ratio equivalent
to the Vanillin / Propenyl Guaethol substitution. It is characteristic of Vanillin that discoloration
occurs at a certain level of Vanillin concentration. Propenyl Guaethol is used is Soaps & Cosmetics
as it is stable in alkaline media as compared to Vanillin.

The toxicity of this material has been estimated as equal to that of Vanillin gram for gram.
In other words it is less toxic as a Vanillin replacement.
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